Chocolate obsession

For the last 2 posts (Food as inspiration and Taking food to the extreme…) I’ve been showing you how food has been a major source of inspiration for many designers. In doing my research for the previous posts I’ve realised that when it comes to chocolate it’s really an obsession for many designers. Some of these designs are inspired by chocolate and others are actually made out chocolate, either way… incredibly delicious looking.

Sciocolà seat by Adele Rotella

Chocolate Mail by Toby Ng Design

These are chocolate flavoured stamps that come in 3 different flavours – dark, milk and white chocolate. Stamps come in sets of 24 making them look like a bar of chocolate. These stamps are deliciously different and so much more fun than your traditional stamp.

Chocolate Keyboard by Michael Sholk

Chocolate Pencils by Nendo

Chocolate Pills available at Prezzy Box

Chocolate High Heel Shoe and Baby Bottle by Gayle’s Chocolates

Chocolate Pink Limousine and Six Chocolate Bowling Pins in Suede Gift Box by Gayle’s Chocolates

All this talking about chocolate has opened up my appetite for chocolate, I think I’m going to get a chocolate scorched almond out of the fridge right now… hmmm delicious. Does it make you want to eat some chocolate right now?


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