Laura Zindel ceramics

If you like creepy crawlies and insects this might be the perfect dinnerware for you! Each piece is hand-built and they feature original illustrations by Laura Zindel. You can purchase all these items at Blackbird.

a. Tarantula Espresso Cup & Saucer
b. Spider Bread & Butter plate

c. Cave Spider Espresso Cup & Saucer
d. Black Beetle Mug

e. Snake Dinner Plate
I think I could definitely see myself enjoying a delicious meal out of this tableware – except for maybe the Snake Dinner Plate, I’ve got a serious aversion to snakes!

f. Grasshopper Espresso Cup & Saucer
g. Bee Bread & Butter plate

h. Beetle Charger plate
i. Spider Stadium Bowl

If you would like to find out more about Laura Zindel and her work please visit her website here.

I think this dinnerware could be great for a theme party or Halloween party, everyday use would be best!. I think my younger sister would like it (she has the tendency to go for unique pieces like this and her recurrent theme in her paintings are skulls). One of the things I like about this dinnerware is that just by simply adding a unique illustration to things that we use on a daily basis can have a dramatic effect in the overall look of the item and the way you feel about it.


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