Clucky feeling

I’ve never been the type of girl who dreamed of getting married and being a mum. Although I’m happily married I never really dreamt about it like in the movies. For example – I could not relate to the girl from the movie 27 Dresses wanting desperately to be the bride. I guess I knew one day it would happen and never thought that much about it.

When it comes to motherhood, it has been very much the same – I have never been too keen on the whole idea of motherhood. My concept of motherhood for as long as I can remember has been to avoid it at all cost – no matter what.

Until maybe just now.

Someone I know has just had their first baby and on their Facebook status she had it updated as “so and so is a mum”. As I read the word ‘Mum’, my eyes filled with happy tears (and still do). I have never – EVER, felt this way before. I think the tears not only come from wishing her well, but from a place where I think I want it for myself.

So my conclusion to all of this is that: I think I might be getting clucky… hard to believe. I know.

To go along with the clucky feeling, I have found a few baby cards by Amy Smyth Made It. Please visit the Amy Smyth Made It website to find out more.

Happy baby shower! We know you will be a great mom
Inside reads: Just don’t let us catch you in a pair of Mom jeans

Baby shower
Inside reads: Happy baby shower

This is a freakin’ cute baby
Inside reads: Congratulations

This is the most important card you’ll receive this year
Inside reads: I babysit. Congratulations on your new baby

This card is for the baby, not you
Inside reads: So, what do you think of your new parents?

Pregnant ladies glow
Inside reads: Because they are wearing comfortable jeans. Congratulations pregnant lady!

Inside reads: Congratulations

Enjoy pregnancy
Inside reads: It’s your chance to put on 40pds and people will think you look great 


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