Sunbasilgarden Soaps

Brains, dentures, vampire fangs and a range of sugary treats are some of the wonderful creations from Sunbasilgarden Soaps. It always amazes me how realistic the soaps actually look and the variety of things that you can make with soap. For years I’ve been under the impression that soap only came in rectangular shapes, until of course I discovered all these wonderful soap creations.

I never thought that brains, dentures and vampire fangs would inspire anyone to create soaps, but I have to say it worked out really well! 

I think this makes bath time just a little bit more fun and I’m guessing that children (and the young at heart like me) would particularly love these wonderful soapy creations.

I think that if it wasn’t clearly marked as ‘soap’ most people would be fooled into thinking these are the real thing and probably even take a bite too!

Please visit the Sunbasilgarden Soaps Etsy shop or visit the Sunbasilgarden Soaps Flickr site for more information.


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