Taylor and Wood wallpapers

Today I would like to show you two great wallpaper designs by Taylor and Wood which are very unique and different.

The first wallpaper design is called Frames and I’m sure you can tell why it’s called that way. But the best part about this wallpaper is that you get to decide what goes in each frame! Which means that you can put a photo, drawing, or you can use your creative skills and attempt to paint something in the frame. It’s simply up to you! It is definitely a great concept and very interactive.

The second wallpaper design is called Witness, which once again, the name becomes very obvious once you see it. I would say that the only problem with this wallpaper is that if you suffer from any kind of persecution complex, this is probably not the right wallpaper for you, as I don’t think it will help your condition! But for everyone else that doesn’t have any medical conditions would make a great wallpaper, and I think this wallpaper design is definitely a conversation starter.

Please visit the Graham & Brown website for more information.


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