Barkovations design competition

I’m participating in the Barkovations design competition and I have just submitted my first design concept to Barkovations. This design can go on dog collars, leads or pet bedding. All of this is done for a good cause as well which is to support dog rescues through a unique donation program – for every product purchased one is donated to a rescue.

So this is the pattern that I’ve submitted:

You can view the design live here.

The design is called ‘Doggie’ and it was inspired by the things we say to dogs as well as the names we use to call them. You’ll find in the design words such as: woof, good boy, pooch, puppy, good girl, doggie amongst others. The design is playful, fun and colourful.

If you like it please vote for it at Barkovations (In order to vote for the design you will have to sign up for an account).

Also, if you are a designer and would like to participate you can also submit a design.

Might the best design win and good luck to everyone that has submitted a design!


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