Time for a change

I’m naturally a brunette but I’ve had my hair coloured black, red (ish), brown (ish) and blonde. For the last few years I’ve had my hair dark brown which is the closest to my natural hair colour. But I must say, I’ve had it with this colour! I’m so bored with it I could cry! So I’m going blonde again! …gradually, so as not to cause too much hair damage and in future hair appointment I’ll gradually lighten my hair little by little until I get to a light shade of blonde that I like. So my hair appointment has been booked and this week the dark brown is going, at least for a while, before I get bored with it.

I think I might get to this shade of blonde at some point.

Image by Little Miss Sunshine

I think I’ll also have to update my photo on the blog and my website to give you a more updated version of myself. As I said before, I  have previously been a blonde a few years ago and I have to say I did have more fun!


2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    I like the blonde! I will be dying my hair soon. I am a natural red head, believe it or not. (My dad was Irish.) I will post pics when I dye mine! it will be fun talking about our new color. Can’t wait to see your new pic!

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