Beautiful wallpaper designs

I recently started a Flickr group called Beautiful Wallpaper Designs which as the name suggests is all about beautiful wallpaper designs. But you can also include designs that could work well as a wallpaper design even if the original design wasn’t at first intended for that purpose. For example, it could be a pattern design that might work well as a wallpaper.

Today I decided to do a post featuring some of my favourite designs that are already in the group pool. These are just a small selection since there are a lot more beautiful designs in there.

Andreas Koberle

Graphic Surgery


Sea Moon



Voortrekker Visual Studio

Please visit the Beautiful wallpaper designs Flickr group and if you have a gorgeous wallpaper design to share or a design that could work well as a wallpaper, please share it us. I would love to grow the group to make a source of inspiration!

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has joined the group so far and please keep sharing your work! I love to see what you are working on!


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