Brisbane floods

The area where I live has been badly affected by floods in the last couple of days and it’s been incredible to witness all of this unfold in front of my very eyes. Our house has not been flooded (yet) but the water has reached the front gate of our complex.

I’ve been walking around the neighborhood in the last few days to see all the damage caused by the floods, and it’s been incredible to see an entire park be completely flooded (I feel like a reporter on location). These first pictures were taken on Tuesday morning,  and even though the park is flooded now you could still see the park.

These pictures however, were taken yesterday and you could no longer see the park at all! This water could easily be at least 3 meters high. The park resembles a lake, very scary!

Now the only thing you can see is the rooftop of the playground.

There were some beautiful houses next to the park that unfortunately got flooded.

Look at that bus stop sign!

I’ve enjoyed walking through this park countless times and it is a very popular park in this area. You could always see children playing, families enjoying barbecues, people exercising and walking their dogs. I’ve always loved how green it is, the beautiful grass, the gorgeous palm trees, none of which you can see now.

There’s a park down all that water.

For many residents the easiest way to get around is by boat.

I’ll be showing you more images in later posts, so stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Brisbane floods

  1. ivette says:

    it is unbelievable Claudia!! one day there is no water and the next we have too much water!! My prayers are with those who have lost relatives and friends.

  2. evelyn says:

    que increíble…espero que uds estén bien y no les llegue el agua a su hogar!!
    y esto porque ?? muchas lluvias?? no estan en verano igual que en chile…saludos !!

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