Our neighbourhood

Some of the surrounding apartment buildings that are located right next to the Brisbane river haven’t been as lucky as we have. Their basements have been completely flooded and the units have been left without power for days now. These photos were taken early on Wednesday morning and things quickly got worse as the day progressed.

These photos below were taken later on Wednesday afternoon and the water began to come out onto the streets from the basements of some of the units located by the river.

These two photos below were taken just a few hours apart and look at the huge difference in the water levels. The water in the second picture is about to spill over onto the road!


2 thoughts on “Our neighbourhood

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    Hope your place and loved ones are okay.
    We’re in Indro and close to the shopping centre so away from the flooding but I have team on both sides of Indro where it did flood. It’s so disheartening that such beautiful parts of Brisbane, especially Toowong and St Lucia went under. I find it very sad that the ferry terminals are pretty much abolished. I will miss the CityCats for sure.

    • Claudia Owen says:

      We are fine but many of our neighbours have been affected by the floods. Parts of St Lucia and Queensland uni look pretty bad now. I hope the CityCat start running again soon 🙂 Great to see someone from Brisbane blogging!

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