I’ve got issues

One of my sisters sent me a personality test the other day and I decided to do it trying to be as honest as possible (There’s no point in lying to yourself right?) Well… as expected, I’ve got issues! But don’t we all have issues to deal with anyway? Otherwise you wouldn’t be human and that would probably make you an extraterrestrial! After all, life is about self growth and I’ve got plenty of growing up to do.

These types of tests sometimes make me wonder if they are designed to help you, or to make you feel more inadequate that you already feel! However, I do find that there is a little bit of truth in them and in some cases it seems like they have actually known you all your life!

If you want to try out the test please visit the 4 degreez website. Sometimes when I have a little spare time I like to play the psychologist with myself. 

I thought this gorgeous card by She’s So Creative went really with my subject today.

I must say that these ‘issues’ as pointed out by the test, don’t come to me as a surprise at all. I think in the last few months I’ve finally been able to admit certain things to myself, things that previously I wanted ignore. Now I can finally be honest with myself and be ok with knowing that ‘I’m a work in progress’.


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