I seem to be developing a serious allergic reaction to insect bites. Last week when I was bitten by a wasp on my back I had a big red lump on my back for days that was also very itchy. The other day when I went for a walk up Mount Ainslie I got bitten by a mosquito on my right ankle (I’m guessing it was a mosquito…) and now it is red, swollen and I can feel it when I put pressure on my foot! Normally a mosquito bite would give me a big red lump that would itch for days but this time it looks as if I twisted my ankle! It’s very strange…

These gorgeous mosquito earrings reminded me of my bite… 

These mosquito earrings are hand forged out of sterling silver. Their needle like proboscis is the ear wire, so it looks like they are having a nice meal on your ear without any loss of blood.

Please visit the Pathos Designs Etsy shop for more information.


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