31 before 31

I’ve been trying to compile a list of things that I would like to do before I turn 31. A few days ago I stumbled across the 30 before 30 list on Thoughts Appear blog and I was inspired to put a list together for myself. I’m no longer 30 anymore so my list will be 31 before 31!

I find it hard to believe that I’m not in my 20’s anymore as I still feel like a child. I feel that emotionally, in my soul, I haven’t aged a single day past my 13th birthday. As I write this, I only have 7 months to complete my list so I really need to focus and get things done! Having said that, the purpose of this list is to do things that I have been meaning to do but somehow just haven’t, and not feel that I’m simply giving myself just another thing to do!

I will be celebrating my 31st birthday on the 15th of October 2011 so I hope that 7 months would be enough time for me to do all these things that I’m listing here.  I also hope it won’t require many ‘revisions’ of my list as I really want to stick to my original plan as much as I can. 

The list is by no means an impossible list, I’ve tried to make it achievable within the timeframe that I have and my work commitments. Many things included here are things that I feel I need to get back to doing, as I feel they have a positive effect on me and my general wellbeing, such as getting back to the gym. Others are things that I feel I should try and others, about trying to change bad habits, such as watching too much TV and replacing that with reading some wonderful books.

I’ve tried to include as many new things as I could since I think that sometimes as adults  we seem to get a little boring and we tend to follow a strict routine full of things that ‘we must do’ and nothing that truly fulfils your spirit. One of the wonderful things about children is their wonderful sense of adventure and I hope to bring some fun and excitement into my life. (Now I’m thinking the next list I put together would be a list full of new things to try, but I’ll leave that for later).

The last few things I included on my list are work related and the rest are mostly just for fun.

I’ve tried to make each and every thing on the list as measurable as possible. So it is clear whether I have achieved my goal or not. But if for some reason I can’t get it done, I also won’t beat myself up about it, but rest assured I will give it my best to complete it!

This bucket list journal would be great for anyone wishing to write their life goals and dreams, in a more private way (unlike me that I’m putting it on a blog!). To find out more about it, please visit the Blue Toad Etsy shop.


31 before 31 list

  1. Go back to the gym and go at least twice a week. I’ve been away for weeks now and I really need to get back! (I’m amazed I haven’t gained a single extra kilo?!)
  2. Get back to doing yoga or Pilates. Or some stretchy class, I really need it. So if I did yoga and one more physical activity I should be sweet!
  3. Take more time to read. Instead of watching TV or movies simply grab one of my many books that I’ve been meaning to read and go for it! If I at least read my next 3 books on my reading list I could tick this one off!
  4. Go star gazing. Anywhere where it is pitch black and you can see the stars.
  5. Make a dessert. I have never cooked anything sweet in my kitchen and if I’ve ever needed a sugary treat I just buy it. I have never attempted to even bake a single cake in my entire life! I think it’s time for me to experiment in the kitchen a little more and try something new. I think I’ll try making one of my ultimate favourite desserts (I’ll need to get the recipe off my mum!).
  6. Go to a late night movie. I enjoy getting up early so I struggle to stay up till late! Just to try something different, why not? Any movie starting around 9 or 10 pm would do.
  7. Enjoy the city where I’m living and get to know it by doing a variety of fun activities. I should go to: Black Mountain, Telstra tower, Cotter river, Cockinton green gardens, Questacon, Botanic gardens, National Archives of Australia, National Carillon, National Gallery of Australia and the National Library of Australia.
  8. Visit all the local markets: Hall markets, Gorman House markets, Bungendore markets, Handmade markets and the Old Bus Depot markets.
  9. Do an Easter bunny hunt with my family. Let myself be a child again!
  10. Plan something exciting for my 31st birthday and it has to be more than just a house party (as usual), give it some thought and plan something really exciting. Any  ideas anyone?
  11. Go to the snow. I have never been to the snow and I think this year would be the perfect time to go. Why not?
  12. Go to a concert. I have never been to a concert and I think it’s about time that I did!
  13. Start a savings plan and stick to it. Set a weekly amount of money to be put away.
  14. Have a picnic somewhere. I always talk about it but never do it, its time I took some action!
  15. Get a full body massage. The last time I had one was over a year ago and I absolutely loved it!
  16. Have a girls night out. Could be anything at all, but only girls and do it big!
  17. Go on a photographic trip. The main purpose of the trip is to take hundreds of photos and stop anywhere there is a great opportunity for a great shot.
  18. Learn to use my camera better and take better images. Might be very useful if I learn to use my camera better before my photographic trip! Reading the manual back to back would be a good start!
  19. Have a reading done by a psychic, fortune teller or palm reader. Always wondered what they would say even if they just get it completely wrong. I would like to do it just out curiosity. (I was inspired to add this to my list by  Thoughts Appear’s 30 before 30 list, thank you!)
  20. Go to a play. I have never been to a play before and I have always wondered if I would like it.
  21. Go to the theatre and watch any show that grabs my attention, it could be anything at all. Anything from dance, popular or classical music, comedy. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the theatre and I feel like trying something new. I think it would be so much fun!
  22. Go on a hot air balloon. I’m not a big fan of heights (so this could be a challenge) but I think this would be a great experience.
  23. Buy a bike and go bike riding around the lake. Take the camera and enjoy every second!
  24. Go to the Bobsled Alpine Slide. This sounds like so much fun!
  25. Work on improving my illustration work. Define my illustration style and take a few hours per week to work on improving my skills. If I did 2 illustrations per month I’d be happy!
  26. Enter Spoonflower contests to help me improve my illustration style. Enter at least one contest per month.
  27. Design new cards for my shop. 31 new concepts sound like a perfect number since I’ll be turning 31!
  28. Take all my brand new cards that I’ve just finished designing (the 31 new concepts that I’ve just mentioned) and set up a stall in market. It could be anywhere at all, just do it!
  29. Design new products for my Society6 shop. 1 new design per month would do! (so I need 7 new products)
  30. Create a collection of fabrics perhaps using a combination of floral and abstract themes. Experiment with a completely different style. (10 designs would do)
  31. Invest some money on software that will make my surface design work a little easier.  

So that’s my list! I’ll print it out and put it somewhere where I can see it everyday and start crossing some of them out. I’ll give you an update on how I’m going later!


2 thoughts on “31 before 31

  1. thoughtsappear says:

    Good list! I’m interested to read about you completing them. Especially the dessert baking one! You should post the recipe when you do it because I’m always looking for new sweets. =)

    • Claudia Owen says:

      I’ll have to do an update on how I’m going with my list soon. I’ll do a post on the recipe and I’ll probably take some photos as well. Hope you had a good time on your cruise 🙂

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