Photographic trip

I can now tick off another item from my 31 before 31 list. One of the items on the list was to go on a photographic trip and take hundreds of images and stop anywhere where there was a great opportunity for a great shot.  Another important part of the trip was to force myself to use the camera in Manual mode rather than on ‘Intelligent Auto’. I have to say that using the camera in Manual mode is a lot easier in a digital camera than in the old film cameras. With a digital camera you have a very good idea of what the camera is seeing before you even take the shot. With the old ones it was a complete guess (at least for amateurs like me I had no idea what to expect and when I had the film developed it was always a bit of a surprise!).

The trip was only 3 days long and we ended up going to Wollongong in New South Wales. The trip was great and I had lots of fun and I ended up taking 5 gigabytes worth of photos. A lot of them are bad but there are some good ones. Although the trip was relatively short, I kept busy for most part of the day so I had different things to photograph.

Today I’ll show you some photos I took of nature and the wonderful green pastures.  For the next few days I’ll continue to show you a few more of the images I took.

I think from now on my plan is to make every single trip a photographic trip. I don’t need to make it ‘formally’ a photographic trip just simply take my camera wherever I go and experiment lots with it!


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