Hang Gliding

On my recent trip to Wollongong we came across a group of people hang gliding, which was really interesting and exhilarating. We came across it completely by accident as we only decided to stop to look at the view from the top of the hill and as we got closer to the cliff we realised that it was a hang gliding spot. We later discover that this popular spot is called Bald Hill.

As you can see it was a very popular spot.

Signing your life away. Which I’m sure it reads something like: if we kill you, it’s ALL your fault!

Getting ready for the big jump!

I think this poor girl was beginning to regret her decision to go hang gliding as she looked quite scared.  When they were about to jump off the cliff she let out a big scream! Hope she was able to enjoy it!

Just another brave guy ready to fly!

Jumping off! I get the feeling that this is perhaps the scariest part…

Waving good bye.

Just like birds.

You can just see them in the sky. I’m sure the view from up there is a lot better than what you can see from the hill. But at the same time is probably a lot more scary…

This is where it is on the map.

I don’t know if I could ever be brave enough to go hang gliding, but for some reason it seems a lot easier than sky diving.


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