I’m the kind of person who finds watching scary movies quite difficult, I usually tend to watch them with my hands covering my eyes and my ears when I can’t stand the suspense anymore or when I get the feeling that whatever is being said will give me nightmares. One of my sisters is also quite the same, if not worse than me. But I think her fears were even worse when she was younger. I remember when she used to get up to go to the bathroom at night she would always run back to her bed and shut the door behind her because she felt she was being followed. It was a long hallway back to her room and every time she had to run back! Poor girl, she’s been traumatised since childhood!

She is terrified by the girl from The Exorcist and would love to have shared a picture of her if I was brave enough to look at it myself. So instead I’ll share this image I took of a tombstone on my recent trip to Wollongong. The cemetery had the best view to the ocean and please don’t ask what on earth I was doing there…    


2 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Christina Bergonzi says:

    I happen to LOVE this photo. It seems almost romantic to me. Like the grave of a lost love I am waiting to join someday…. a modern day Wuthering Heights? Now I just need to big dress and be off in the distance on the beach as the tide comes in.
    OH AND I AM THE SAME WITH SCARY MOVIES EVEN THOUGH I LOVE TO WATCH THEM AND SCARE THE BEJESUS OUT OF MYSELF. To this day I have to make sure my closet door in shut before I go to bed. I just HAVE to. hee hee CHEERS!

    • Claudia Owen says:

      Hi Christina, I also like to close the closet door and anything that would make strange shadows at night… I’m hoping one day I’ll grow out of it… It’s so silly but I just can’t help myself! And when I’m home alone I’m even worse! I’m glad you like the photo too 🙂

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