Valla Beach

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now so finally today I’ve taken the time to do it!

In February this year on our car trip from Brisbane to Canberra we stopped in a number of places and one of these places happened to be Valla Beach in New South Wales, which I absolutely loved. We only stopped at Valla beach because we needed a break from our drive and we found the most funnest beach ever! So let me tell you why, Deep Creek happens to flow into the sea right at Valla beach, which turns a section of beach into a natural water park! The tide of the creek is quite strong and it can carry you for meters until you get to the beach. Just look at some of the pictures I took:

Being carried by the current

Being carried by the current… all the way to the sea

The current was strong but so much fun!

Lovely crystal clear waters

People were using floaties and body boards on the water which made it a lot more fun. Too bad I didn’t bring my body board! If only I had known about this beach earlier I would have come prepared…

The other great thing about it was that the water was also quite warm, much warmer than the ocean. Which for me was perfect because I hate cold water!

Here is Valla Beach on the map and I’ve marked where we were

I think I need to book my next holidays right by this beach, it was so much fun! If you happen to be around go there, you will absolutely love it and you have children they will have the best time ever!


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