It was my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago and the night before his birthday he said something that made me think.  He continued, in just a few hours my mum is about to give birth to me and I’m taking the time to think about her right now. His mum is no longer with us and I thought it was a beautiful thing do to take a moment to think about her. All this made has me realise that not once I have thought about my mum on my birth-day and what she went through for me, not just the giving birth part (which I’m sure is hard as one day I’ll discover), but everything else that comes afterwards. Birthdays for me have always been about me, about me being born today on this day, which is perhaps a more selfish way of seeing it. When maybe a better way of seeing it would be the day my mum gave birth to me, which is perhaps a more selfless way of seeing things. On my next birthday, I’ll make sure I spare a moment to think about my mum.

The card reads: “Thanks for loving me even though I plowed through your lady parts with my big bulbous baby head”
Inside reads: “You’re the best.”

I like the card because it reminds me of the physical struggle and sacrifice mothers go through for us all done with a nice hint of good humor! 

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