Gratitude bell

The Nan Tien Buddhist Temple in Wollongong also had a beautiful gratitude bell which you had to ring 3 times to offer your gratitude to your parents.

The funny thing is that my husband decided that he was going to ring the bell as hard as he could and louder than everyone else and in doing so he injured his hand! The vibrations and the impact of the bell must have been strong enough to cause a slight fracture or muscle tear in his hand and even though it’s been weeks since it happened his hand still hasn’t fully recovered.

The photo above probably shows the exact moment he almost broke his hand! You can see by looking at his face that he was trying to hit the bell as hard as he could. 

This is probably a good time to use his favourite quote at the moment inspired by the Nan Tien Temple: The foremost idiot….


3 thoughts on “Gratitude bell

    • Claudia Owen says:

      I never thought you could get an injury by ringing a bell… but you can! He’s ok now, it’s been a few weeks since then. Good to see you around here Pei Li 🙂

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