Weekend drive

Just the other weekend we drove to Jindabyne in New South Wales and we spent the day there.

I don’t know if you have seen the Australian movie Jindabyne, but when I was there I couldn’t stop thinking about it (and this was probably the main reason why I wanted to go to Jindabyne anyway). The movie is about a group of people going on a fishing trip where they find a girl’s body in the lake (and I won’t tell you anymore in case you want to watch it). I couldn’t help myself thinking about bodies floating in the water… that goes to show the power of movies have over my mind!


This is me pretending I’m a super model doing a winter catalogue (Please don’t laugh, we are all allowed to dream!)


We ended up driving right up to what they call the ‘skitube’ which is basically a train ride to the snow fields. We didn’t want to continue driving further since from there onwards you are required to put chains on your tyres and we weren’t prepared for that. The view was beautiful around the area, you could see the snow on the mountain tops.



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