Bungendore markets

I can now partly tick off another one of my items from my 31 before 31 list which was part of item number 8. I say partly tick off because this item has a number of things to do before I can completely tick it off my list.

Last weekend I finally went to the Bungendore markets, which I have to say, were a lot smaller than I expected. We ended up spending about 5 minutes at the markets and decided to go for a walk around town to find more interesting things to do. I loved the Wood Works Gallery in Bungendore, it was very inspiring to see all the wonderful wood creations and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys woodwork or art in general. Truly inspiring! I also enjoyed the leather shop, they had a large variety of interesting leather products.  

And after our walk around town we enjoyed a nice warm drink with a ham, cheese and tomato croissant. Delicious!


I wish I could tell you the name of this lovely coffee shop in Bungendore but I simply can’t remember. If you recognise the place from the pictures let me know, I’ll be happy to do some free advertising for a great coffee shop like this one!


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