Intriguing flavour

At work we had a big glass jar full of jellybeans that someone won in a jelly bean guessing competition. I’ve never been a big fan of sweets and lollies but I enjoyed having a couple of jelly beans in the afternoons. As you probably already know, jelly beans come in all sorts of colours and flavours but there is one flavour in particular that has got me completely intrigued. There is a green jelly bean that tastes quite strange to me and I would describe it as a subtle combination of dirt with lemon flavoured dishwashing liquid.

Now you might wonder if I’ve ever tried either of these ingredients, and I must confess that I have. I’ve had plenty of dirt especially as a child. As for the dishwashing liquid, I don’t remember ever deliberately tasting it but I swear I can taste it just by smelling it. Anyway, despite my description sounding rather unfavourable, I must say that I really like it! Weird I know, but the flavour is quite interesting…

What weird flavours do you like?

Image credits: mylittlepixels


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