31 before 31 update

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete all my 31 items on the list before 15 October 2011. I completely underestimated the time that it would take me to do them. I guess I didn’t really take into consideration all the work that I already have on: I have a full time job as a graphic designer, then when I get home I do some freelancing work, then I work on my own design projects as a surface designer and then I do my cards for Venerate… and this is just my work… then I have housework (can’t wait for the day when I can completely delegate my household duties!) like cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning…. and the list goes on and on. Right after all of these things are done… I have some time for myself!

So here’s an update:
5. Make a dessert: I made my first dessert ever a few weeks ago so I’ll make a post on that soon
12. Go to a concert: I went to my first concert just a few days ago and I’ll do a post on that soon
19. Psychic reading: I had my reading done a few weeks ago and it was great! I’ll tell you more details in a later post
31. Software: I’ve decided to no longer get any other type of software I figure I got enough with Illustrator and Photoshop to produce any type of design I want for now. Should I get a replacement goal?? I will have to think about that!

As you can see I still have plenty of things to do still so will keep to this list until I can tick every box, once I do that I’ll come up with a new list J

Image credits: if you know who took this gorgeous photo let me know so that I can link to their site and credit the right person.


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