Psychic reading by Debbie Malone

So, I can finally tick off one more item on my 31 before 31 list which is the psychic reading. I did some research as to who I would like to see and I really wanted to see someone who had a good reputation and preferably worked with the police in solving cases. So a couple of months ago I was reading the newspaper about the disappearance of a little Sydney girl and in the article they mentioned the name of the psychic that was assisting police with the case. It mentioned the name of Debbie Malone so I decided to find out more about Debbie. After reading about Debbie and listening to some of her readings I was sold and I wanted to see her!

So a few weeks ago I finally had my appointment with Debbie, and I have to say it went quite well. I was amazed at how accurate she could describe people in your life, she talked a lot about my career and she saw lots of success for me in the future. She gave me all kinds of very personal details about my life and it amazed me how accurate she was.

One of the nicest things she mentioned was that I was going to have a daughter and that she was coming soon, as in this year March/April 2012. I wonder if she will be right… 

Right after the reading I had the biggest headache ever! I don’t know if it was because I was nervous, or because I was carrying a backpack all day (even though it was very light) or because she was reading my thoughts! Sometimes I wonder if that is what they actually do…  rather than get the information through a spiritual guide. Whatever it is, I do believe there is something that they do that is quite special…

Overall, the reading was fun and the time I spent there went really fast! I loved it and I would love to do it again!   

If you want to book a reading you can do it from the Between Two Worlds website.


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