A little gift from heaven

As you might have noticed I’ve been very quiet on the blog for quite a few weeks (months in fact). And just in case you are wondering why… Well, I actually have great news to share with you, I’m pregnant! This is my first baby and right now I am 28 weeks pregnant.

The first 4 months were quite difficult, I was incredibly tired and I completely lost my motivation to work or do anything else for that matter!  I was always very uncomfortable, nauseous, sleepy, bothered, frustrated, annoyed and the list goes on and on… Things have slowly been getting better but my energy levels are mostly on the low side, nothing like I used to be before I got pregnant! Things are quite different now I’m learning to adjust to my new self.

I really don’t want to turn this post into a negative rant about how tough it is to be pregnant, so instead I’ll focus on the good part. I’m pregnant and I’m feeling quite happy about starting a family and so far, the baby is going well and I’m looking forward to meeting the little one this October 🙂

To celebrate everything baby related I’ll show you some of my baby shower card designs from Pingg. Which actually reminds me, I’ll have to start thinking about my own baby shower since I’m not too far away now!

Baby shower invite by Claudia Owen for PIngg 1 Baby shower invite by Claudia Owen for PIngg 3

Baby shower invite by Claudia Owen for PIngg 2

All these baby shower cards are available from Pingg.


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