I’ve recently created a listing with Printsource New York on their Global Design Database. The database is for people in the textile and surface design industry.

This is what my profile page on Printsource looks like:

Printsource New York Claudia Owen Surface Designer 1

I selected 9 designs to display on my profile page, I don’t know if these designs are my best ones but I definitely enjoyed creating them! I find it hard to select just a few pieces of work because sometimes I just want to include all my work!

If you are looking to find a surface pattern designer you might want to consider using the database to find your next talented designer. Simply go to the Printsource website and click on Global Design Database and start your search. Easy!

Printsource New York is a textile and surface design trade show, which is held three times a year in New York City and the next show is on the 12th and 13th August 2014. How I wish I could go! Not only it would be amazing to go to Printsource but I would love to visit New York!

Printsource New York Claudia Owen Surface Designer 2