RAW Natural Born Artists

I have some great news. As you might have seen on my Facebook page, I’ve signed up to do my first RAW show! RAW is an indie arts organisation where every second month artists, designers, photographers, musicians, performing artists, fashion designers and hair and make up artists get together for one night to exhibit their work.

The show is going to be at Uni Pub in Canberra on the 12 November at 7:30pm. You can read more about the show here: http://www.rawartists.org/canberra/current

RAW Artists Canberra Current Claudia Owen

I went to the last show in September and it was a great night out. If you have an appreciation for art or you are a creative type yourself you’ll probably enjoy the show. I find that RAW is a wonderful mix between an exhibition, markets and live shows.

I’ll be exhibiting some of my latest design work and here’s a quick sneak peak at what you’ll see on the night:


As you can see, you can expect to see lots of colourful designs 🙂

There will be a number of other creatives exhibiting on the night and here they all are:


You can follow this link to find out who they are.

I’ve set up a countdown on the side of the blog just so that I can freak out every time I see it! Right now I have 17 Days to go! And I still have sooooo much to do!

RAW Artists Canberra Claudia Owen Countdown

Tickets for the event are $16.50 when you purchase them online.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I won’t be able to do the show on 12 November 2014 since I’ve had major problems with the delivery of my design work 😦 But the good news is that I’ll be doing the next show on 30 January 2015. I hope to see you there 🙂


2 thoughts on “RAW Natural Born Artists

    • Claudia Owen says:

      It’s scary but at the same time I can’t wait to do it! I’m also using the show as a way to set deadlines for myself otherwise projects seem to go on forever! Hope you can do a show soon 🙂

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