Pattern Mix book feature

I should have mentioned this weeks ago but I haven’t had a chance to share it with you until now. My work was featured on Pattern Mix: A Collection of Inspiring Prints by Designers from Around the World by Pattern People. 7 of my designs are featured in the book and I’m super happy about that! ­


The e-book features the best emerging designers in surface design now, showcasing the work of over 100 artists. You will find patterns in a variety of styles including whimsical conversationals, bold geometrics and sophisticated florals. ­There are more than 800 inspirational print designs spread across 200 plus pages of colourful patterns. It’s a real feast for the eyes!

You can purchase the e-book for $24.95 from the Pattern People website. I have a copy of the book and it is beautiful!

Here are all the featured designers:
Adriana Make, Akwa Florell, Alice Prina, Alison Tauber, Amelia Graham, Angela Taguiang, Anna Joe, Anna London, Anna Karin Cedérus, Aok, Ashley Le Quere, Barbara Mazzoleni, Becca M. Designs, Bekah Hilleson, Bevero, Brittney Leighann Brownjames Prints, Carlyn Clark, Castlefield By Sophie Taylor, Chelsea Cates Chiara Diack, Chickaprint, Chynna Brown, Claudia Marian, Claudia Owen, Corinna Fielden, Cristina Vicente Maese, Danielle Johnson, Dunia Nalu, Elise Chevry, Em Surface Design, Emma Mcgowan, Ersin Ceylan, Fabric Drawer, Florentina, Frances Boyd, Gabriela Fuente, Gabriela Larios, Georgina Vasiliou, Gill Eggleston, Golden Tangerine, Habiba Artsy Studio, Ilil Saroff, Irina Radtke, Jahan Gerrard, Jane Farnham, Jaquelina Freitas, Jea Voss, Jeshika, Jessica Lee, Jessica Rosheen, Jessica Wilde, Jocelyn Friis, Jon Burgess, Joy Laforme, Juni, Karen Dreyfus, Kathleen Callahan, Kerrie Cauvin, Kimberly Hernandez, Kiris Artworks, Lara Georgine, Laura Buchanan, Laurel Nathanson, Lauren O’kelley, Leean Dallan, Leigh Bagley, Lindsay Buck, Lisa Edoff, Louise Jones, Luca Bigarella, Luv Printz, Maike Thoma, Marcela Delanian, Maria Agra, Mary Kindrick, Mary Leir, Megan Mcneill, Megan Udovicic, Melanie Adams, Merritt Horan, Miranda Mol, Mirella Bruno, Molly Kennedy Darling, Nacho Filella Design, Nina Zulian, Norma Briseño, Oscar Velásquez, Palloma Rodrigues, Pattern People, Paula Amaral, Petica Watson, Print On Paper, Print Muse, Richard Baker, Rita Fürstenau, Roseanna Maria Jiggins, Sarah Bagshaw, Sarah Nasir, Sharon Campbell Design, Sonal Nathwani, Sophia Drevenstam, Takako Yamashiro, Tasha Goddard, Tim Lole, Tracy Mattocks, Valerie Foster, Verena Muenstermann, Wilderies Rodriguez, Wolf & Bed, Xiluva Lynch and Yuliuss Design.


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