RAW Natural Born Artists

I have great news. This month I’m doing my first RAW show! RAW is an indie arts organisation where every second month artists, designers, photographers, musicians, performing artists, fashion designers and hair and make up artists get together for one night to exhibit their work.

Claudia Owen Visionary RAW Canberra

The show is going to be at the Belconnen Arts Centre in Canberra on the 30th January from 7:30pm to 11:45pm. You can read more about the show here on the RAW website.

This is my RAW profile page.


As you can see, you can expect to see lots of colourful designs on the night 🙂

There will be over 35 creatives exhibiting on the night so there will be lots to see.


You can follow this link to find out who they are.

I’ve set up a countdown on the side of the blog just so that I can freak out every time I see it! Right now I have 12 Days to go! And I still have sooooo much to do!

Tickets for the event are $16.50 when you purchase them online.


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