Print trends

Take a look at some of the highlights from Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Print Trend Report by Patternbank.

AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank1 AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank2 AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank3 AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank4 AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank5  AutumnWinter2016-17PrintTrendReportbyPatternbank7

The one print trend that I can definitely see myself embracing is this one below – Electricity, linear light show.


It has everything I love – neon tube effects, luminous threads, stripes and zigzags, photographic prints, light painting effects, energetic movement, vibrant colour clashes and kaleidoscopic geometrics. Just think of the possibilities!


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