Shop local, shop at Brindie

Brindie is Canberra’s premiere online platform for sharing the work of makers, designers and artisans. If you ever wanted to shop locally Brindie is the place to go as everything on the website is designed or made by someone here in the ACT.

Brindie Logo Featured in Claudia Owen BlogThe name Brindie comes from the combination of the word Brindabellas (our beautiful Mountain range to the west of Canberra) and the word indie, meaning independent, representing all the independent makers, artisans and designers.

Brindie was launched in August 2015 and it’s been a wonderful success and something that local makers really wanted and needed. In the past, if you ever wanted to shop locally you would have had to search through probably hundreds of local Etsy shops hoping to find what you were looking for. But now Brindie has compiled all that information together in one place just for you saving you lots of time. Isn’t that great?

This is Lisa, Brindie’s founder and Canberra girl. She’s the wonderful lady who works really hard behind the scenes to bring you Brindie.

Lisa Grench from Brindie Featured in Claudia Owen Blog Canberra

I have a few of my designs on Brindie and hopefully in the new year I will add a few more designs to my collection.

This is my profile page:

Claudia Owen Designs at Brindie Canberra 1

Claudia Owen Designs at Brindie Canberra 2

If you are ready to do some shopping, please visit the Brindie website.


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