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Just some time ago I created a profile on Utelier. Just in case you’ve never heard about them, Utelier is a directory, an educational resource and a marketplace combined. It helps new and established designers and retailers find other designers, manufacturers, suppliers and experts worldwide whom they can work with.

This is my profile page:


I really like the look of the website, it’s nice and clean and it looks professional.

I don’t know how much visibility I get on Utelier (I have no analytics and so far I’ve had no new business proposals coming from here) but I guess it doesn’t hurt being everywhere!

If you would like to have a profile on Utelier you can sign up here.

I should have mentioned this on the blog a lot earlier but my wonderful online friend Julia Grifol interviewed me for her blog a few weeks ago. I completely forgot to mention it until now. I guess it’s better late than never!

Here’s a quick preview:



If you want to know a little more about me and my work you can read the whole interview here.

Thank you Julia!

I’ve decided to put a small ad in the Print and Pattern blog. If you are in the world of surface pattern design, illustration or design, chances are you know and follow this beautiful blog.

Can you find my ad in the image below?
Print and pattern blog Claudia Owen ad

It’s only 140×140 pixels and it’s about halfway down the page of the blog. I decided to use my face on the ad to make it more personable and make it look completely different from what everyone else has at the moment (all the other ads have a logo or product image of some kind). I don’t know if making it look completely different is good or bad but I guess I will soon find out! This is it here:


With this small ad I’m hoping to generate a little more interest in my surface design work and hopefully get in front of the eyes of companies and manufacturers that are looking to license artwork for their products. I hope they see it!

I have more great news today. I’m now a Casetagram designer!

So far I’ve only uploaded 5 designs but I’ve got a lot more designs to include!

Ant trail phone cover by Claudia Owen

Black and white phone cover by Claudia Owen

Blue fern phone cover by Claudia Owen

Burning fire phone cover by Claudia Owen

Color blooms phone cover by Claudia Owen

In here I’m only showing you the iPhone models but you can have these designs in a number of different phone models including: iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, iPod Touch 4, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Note, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Z10, HTC One, Optimus G and Optimus G Pro.

Casetagram phones

This is what my profile page looks like at the moment:


Right now I have 0 followers! I’m feeling rather lonely here :( if you have an account with Casetagram hope you can follow me and keep me company :)

The other day I submitted two designs on the graduation card design contest and these are my two designs:


To vote simply re-pin or like your favourite design. The three designs with the most likes and re-pins by March 28th will win first, second, and third place prizes!

You can view the contest Pinterest board here.


As you can see there are a number of beautiful submissions so feel free to vote for your favourite designs :)

The voting period is open until March 28th at 11:59PM EST so please vote now!

Today I wanted to show you my last 3 graduation cards I designed for Celebrations.

Graduation card by Claudia Owen for Celebrations 1

Graduation card by Claudia Owen for Celebrations 2

Graduation card by Claudia Owen for Celebrations 3

What do you think?

I loooooove to design cards and I have lots of fun doing this type of work.

If you have time you can take a look at all the other cards I have on Celebrations. At the moment I’m updating all my cards and hopefully I can make them a lot better. I’ve got lots of work to do!

Today I have some great news to share with you. You can now use my artwork on watches!

At the moment I have 9 different designs:

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 1

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 2

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 3

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 4

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 5

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 7

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 8

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 6

May28th Watch by Claudia Owen 9

The great things about May28th watches is that you can customise your watch to look exactly how you want it. You can select the image you want, material, band, buckle and keeper and the watch arms.

If you would like to create your own watch please go to the May28th website. I hope you have lots of fun designing your watch!

Unfortunately there’s no direct link to my images so you will have to scroll through the other images to get to mine.

Today I wanted to show you my last three graduation cards on Greenvelope. Two of the cards are graduation announcements and the other card is a graduation party invite.

Greenvelope Graduation card by Claudia Owen 0

Greenvelope Graduation card by Claudia Owen Hanging Ribbon

Greenvelope Graduation Party card by Claudia Owen

The cards come in a number of colours so hopefully there will be at least one colour that you would like!

Just under the card you can see all the colour variations you have available. You simply click on the colour and it gives you a quick preview. I like that feature it’s very handy.

I love designing stationery I can spend hours coming up with design concepts!

Please go to the Greenvelope website if you want to take a look at all my other designs that I have at the moment. I hope you like them :)

I’ve recently created a listing with Printsource New York on their Global Design Database. The database is for people in the textile and surface design industry.

This is what my profile page on Printsource looks like:

Printsource New York Claudia Owen Surface Designer 1

I selected 9 designs to display on my profile page, I don’t know if these designs are my best ones but I definitely enjoyed creating them! I find it hard to select just a few pieces of work because sometimes I just want to include all my work!

If you are looking to find a surface pattern designer you might want to consider using the database to find your next talented designer. Simply go to the Printsource website and click on Global Design Database and start your search. Easy!

Printsource New York is a textile and surface design trade show, which is held three times a year in New York City and the next show is on the 12th and 13th August 2014. How I wish I could go! Not only it would be amazing to go to Printsource but I would love to visit New York!

Printsource New York Claudia Owen Surface Designer 2

I have recently started selling my designs on cases for smartphones and tablets through The Kase. The Kase is a French company and they have an online store as well as retail stores in France, Germany and Singapore.

At the moment I have about 30 designs with them but I’ll slowly be adding more in the coming weeks. Each of these designs is available for a number of devices for Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.

This is what my profile page with The Kase looks like:


Once you select your favourite design then you can select the type of device. I absolutely love the look of this website! So clean and easy to navigate!


Hope you all had an amazing new years celebration and I wish you all the best for the New Year! I hope it’s filled with love and success!

In the last few days I’ve been busy setting my goals for the year and planning all the work I want to do. My to-do list is probably as high as a mountain but I like to set my expectations high. I’m sure this means working in the middle of the night since I need to look after my baby during the day, but once you’ve done that a couple of times you get used to it! Today for example I started working at 2 am! Although I’m sure I’ll take a nap with my baby later on, otherwise I will start sleepwalking!

I love using Wunderlist for setting up goals and doing to-do lists and this is what my to-do list looks like (this is only half of it!):


If you are ready to set some goals for yourself, you can sign up for a free account with Wunderlist.


I recently added some Bar Mitzvah cards to my licensed card range with Greenvelope.



This card comes with a thank you and save the date card and it also comes in 5 different colours!

These cards are great for people who still want to celebrate this occasion without making it look too religious. This design will probably appeal more to 13 year olds than older folks :)

If you like these cards or you want to have a look at my entire range with Greenvelope, this is my profile page which shows you all the designs that I have currently available.

My little gift from heaven arrived just 9 weeks ago. Welcome to the world my beautiful daughter!


Today I wanted to share more good news. I’m one of Juicy Canvas artists!


The great thing about Juicy Canvas is that you can customize the designs to suit your needs. For example, you can you can rotate, re-size and place the artwork on the canvas however you want to. You can also chose the side colour of your canvas, add text, change the colours of the artwork, chose your own colour for the canvas and of course you can chose different sizes. You can customize the artwork as you see fit or you can leave it as it is! It is completely up to you!

Here you can see my name among other talented Juicy Canvas artists.

Claudia Owen on Juicy Canvas

This is my Juicy Canvas profile page and as you can see at the moment I have 8 designs but I’m slowly adding more and more designs.

Claudia Owen Juicy Canvas profile page

Right now you can get all these designs as stretched canvases but I know that in the coming weeks you’ll be able to get these designs on mobile phone cases, t-shirts and fine art prints.

This is where you can start customizing the artwork. Fun hey!

Claudia Owen Juicy Canvas customization page

Come take a look at Juicy Canvas!

I’ve been putting together a board on Pinterest with all kinds of baby images as in the next few weeks I’ll be having my own photo shoot with my own little baby :)

This is what my board looks like at the moment:

Babies board on Pinterest

I want to collect a couple of images that I can give to my photographer as inspiration. Here’s the link to my Babies board on Pinterest.

Babies always make me feel like they are freshly delivered from heaven…

I’ve been busy updating my Moyo Directory profile. And just in case you haven’t heard, the Moyo directory is the home of surface pattern designers where you can find designers from all over the world. You can search by design expertise, browse portfolios and contact your favourite designer directly.

Home page Moyo Directory

This is what the home page of the Moyo Directory looks like.


Here you can see my picture among the many other talented designers.


This is what my Moyo profile page looks like at the moment and I’m still adding more work to my page.


While you are there don’t forget to give my profile a little love. Just press the little heart below my photo :) (You don’t have to create an account to give me a little heart, just simply click the heart and you are done!)

Just 2 weeks ago I had my pregnancy photo shoot with my husband. I really enjoyed the experience and I know that I will forever treasure these beautiful images.

Here are the first 5 photos I received from the photographer and there are lots more coming up which I’ll probably share with you as soon as I get them!

Claudia Owen pregnancy photo shoot by Belle Photography1

I love the natural landscape – it’s very Canberra

Claudia Owen pregnancy photo shoot by Belle Photography2

This is my due date

Claudia Owen pregnancy photo shoot by Belle Photography3

Our very first family portrait

Claudia Owen pregnancy photo shoot by Belle Photography4

Yes, I know I look enormous!


Awww! And a romantic shot :)

The photos were taken by Belle Photography and if you live in the Canberra area I would highly recommend her :)

I’ve also created a board on Pinterest with the pregnancy photos I have so far and once I get the others I’ll add them to the board.

I have more good news to share with you today. I’m now a Keka Case designer! As the name suggests Keka Case is all about cases for your iPad and Kindle. The cases are similar to a hardback book cover and they actually use traditional book binding techniques to make the cases.

I currently have 10 designs and each of them is available for Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7”, Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, iPad Mini, iPad 1, iPad 2/3 and iPad 2/3 with keyboard.

The other great thing about Keka Case is that you can also personalise the case by adding your name or initials onto the case.

This is my profile page with Keka Case where you can see all the designs that I currently have available.


These are the 10 designs I have available at the moment:

black_and_white_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

black_and_white_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

blue_roses_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

blue_roses_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

butterflies_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

butterflies_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

fern_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

fern_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

gentle_whispers_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

gentle_whispers_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

happy_flower_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

happy_flower_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

pink_tears_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

pink_tears_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

sweet_flowers_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

sweet_flowers_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case tiger_stripes_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

tiger_stripes_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

wilderness_kindle_fire_template_cover by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

wilderness_kindle_fire_template_flat by Claudia Owen for Keka Case

What do you think?

The other exciting thing is that in the next few weeks you’ll be able to get these designs as snap-on fit cases for the Apple iPhone 4/4s/5, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S3/S4, iPad 2/3/4 and the iPad Mini. But I’ll tell you more about that later :)

If you like any of my designs you can get them from Keka Case

I’m now on maternity leave and I’m having a great time working on all the creative projects that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Just pure joy!

The fact that I’m also on maternity leave now means that I could also go into labour any time soon… It’s scary and exciting at the same time but this baby is way too big to be kept inside me for much longer!

So it’s very likely that in the next few days the blog will go quiet for a few days or maybe even weeks depending on how everything goes!


This is the latest scan we had. She always seems to be pouting :)

Wish me luck!

This post is long overdue now but I have some great news to share with you. One of my cards was featured in Moyo magazine issue 4.


This is the full-page spread

Moyo Feature Venerate card close up

Here’s the close up of my card (item number 5). I have this card on my Venerate Etsy shop.

Moyo is the world’s only online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design and it’s a great magazine for when you are looking for inspiration or useful information in the industry. And the best part of all is that it is completely free!

Here you can view the entire issue 4 of Moyo:


Moyo Magazine

Here you can view all the previous issues of Moyo. Enjoy!

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