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I thought I should start the New Year with a sale so here’s a 25% off coupon that you can use at my Venerate Etsy shop.


Simply use this coupon code to get a discount on your order: happynewyear

The coupon will be valid for the next 7 days (until 12 January 2013) so make the most of it while you can!


One of the most unique things I bought on my recent holiday to Chile was this beautiful pair of orange earrings. The earrings are actually made out of slices of oranges.

Aren’t they cute?

Every time I put them on I get a lot of comments from strangers asking questions. They are a bit of conversation starter and I love them :)

If you are interested in getting something like this for yourself go to the Real Fruit Jewelry Etsy shop.  There’s a big variety of beautiful fruit jewelry including pendants and rings made out of all kinds of fruits. I didn’t get my earrings from this shop but since I don’t think you’ll be travelling to Chile any time soon, this shop offers the same type of jewelry.

A few weeks ago I bought a tripod and just last weekend I had the opportunity to really test it out. I took photos of my cards as the photos I previously had were really horrible and I felt it was time to take better pictures as my photographic skills have improved a little since the last time I attempted to take some product photos. Anyway, these are some of the photos I took:

All these cards are available at my Venerate Etsy shop.

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter and enjoy your time off work (if you are lucky enough to have a break!)

I will be spending a lot of time with the family and eating lots of Easter eggs :)

Please visit the starfly creations Etsy shop for more information.

I love this gorgeous shawl and what I love about it the most is that it looks thin enough to wear in summer as an accessory and warm enough to wear in winter. During summer you can just wrap it around your neck just once like shown in the picture below, and during the colder months you can wrap it around a few times to keep your neck covered and keep you warm. I love it!

Please visit the Jurgita Mi Etsy shop for more information.

I have been so busy in the last few days that I haven’t had time to post anything L. But today despite feeling tired and sleepy I decided I should get out of bed early and write a post. Today I felt inspired by this lovely fridge magnet that reflects my life perfectly at the moment.

The magnet reads: ‘Busy bee, there’s always time for a… cup of tea or coffee!’ I guess you can read it either way depending on your favourite drink. I feel I could substitute it with: ‘Busy bee, there’s always time for blogging’!

Please visit the Ginger Bred Etsy shop for more information. 

I love this baby lollipop idea and the creative packaging makes all the difference!


The lollipops are made up of a burp cloth, a pair of socks and a colorful baby feeding spoon, all wrapped in clear cello with a beautiful ribbon.

The lollipops are available in bright colors for a boy, girl or gender neutral.

Please visit the Twosies Baby Boutique Etsy shop for more information.

This hat reminds me of Rapunzel and for that I love it!

Please visit the Yokoo Etsy shop for more information.

There’s always that time of the month when I feel constantly hungry. I simply cannot get enough food and the minute I’m done eating suddenly I’m thinking of my next little something. I really dislike the feeling of never being satisfied as the next thing I eat is guaranteed not to satisfy me. This week has been one of those weeks. At work I like to keep nuts and other snacks and in one day I ate all my reserves! Sometimes I really wonder how on earth I’m still thin…

For more information about this beautiful plate, please visit the Jimbob Art Etsy shop.

I don’t think this particular item will help in this cold Canberra winter but it would definitely look cool.

A great accessory for summer as well

This Cambridge Chain is made out of an 80 percent acrylic and 20 percent wool blend. Its shape is quite unusual and I think that’s what I like about it the most so be prepared for all the attention and enjoy!

Please visit the Yokoo Etsy shop for more information.

I came across this wonderful gift idea a few weeks ago and I thought it was fantastic! It’s called baby bouquet, which is as you can see by the photo below a wonderful collection of baby goodies wrapped beautifully like a bouquet of flowers.

The baby bouquet is filled with washcloths, blankets, socks, and other baby items. The bouquets are available in bright colors for a boy, girl, or gender neutral.

Please visit the Twosies Baby Boutique Etsy shop for more information.

I love some of Julio Iglesias songs as they remind me of my childhood and my mum listening to his music.

A great bowl for all kinds of household items, keys, coins you name it! Love it!

Please visit the Birds Eye Photography Etsy shop for more information.

There’s always a moment during the day that I think: I’m going to blog about this! I thought this pinback button would suit just about any blogger that feels on a daily basis the urge to blog about something!

Please visit the Vickinator Geekery Etsy shop for more information.

Have you ever been glad of losing something? I have. The other thing I managed to do during my photographic trip was to lose my sunglasses and I have to say I’m glad I did! I really can’t wait to buy a new pair now!

We were at the beach taking photos and I had my sunglasses clipped to my hoodie (kind of like this onesie below) which I never do but this time it seemed like a good idea. At some point I got a little hot and decided to take off my hoodie and with it went my sunglasses! A little while later when I wanted to put my sunglasses on again I realised that they were gone but I did not care to go back and get them. I was happy they were gone! Too bad I was squinting for the rest of the day :(

This lovely onesie reminded me of my long gone (thankfully) sunglasses.  

Please visit the Nate Farro Etsy shop for more information.

These earrings are not only beautiful but they are also recycled. They have a double hoop base, with soldered resistors in various matching colours and sizes. Wonderful! 

All the components are welded together and then thoroughly polished. The earrings are about 2.36 inch (6 cm) in diameter.

Please visit the Aula46 Etsy shop for more information.

Summer is definitely over in this part of the world and I’ve just put away all my summer clothes, and to my amazement I have almost nothing left in my closet! As you might know by now, I lived in Brisbane for the last few years and just about everything in my closet was either a dress or a singlet, and now that I’m in Canberra any such garments would be highly inappropriate attire for this kind of weather. In fact, that kind of clothes would leave me shivering to death. I guess all this means is that it’s time for me to do some serious shopping!

Right now I feel like the cover of this card, so I will shop till I drop!

Please visit the Storey Shop on Etsy for more information.

There are times when music brings such enormous joy and I’m lost in the melody that I have wondered, if it would be possible to be re-incarnated into a musical note?  

This music note was made from stained glass.

Please visit the Glass Gallery Girls Etsy shop for more information.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I started this blog. This last year has gone so fast and I’ve greatly enjoyed putting together the blog. When I first started blogging I wondered whether I would have enough things blog about on a daily basis, and now I’ve realised that if I don’t blog more often is not because I have nothing to blog about, but rather, because I haven’t got time to blog as much as I would like!

Exactly on the 25 of April 2010 I did my first post and I’m still loving it! I hope I can continue to do this for a very long time :)

I think I should get a necklace like this as an anniversary gift for myself.

This is 45.7cm sterling silver bead necklace with a 1.3cm sterling silver disc hand stamped with “iBlog”. It also has a sterling silver computer mouse charm. You can also get the disc stamped with the name of your blog, cool isn’t it?

Please visit the Kristy Lynn Jewelry Etsy shop for more information.

I believe that the most difficult person to deal with is always yourself. Would you agree?

Please visit the Two Gypsies and a Vardo Etsy shop for more information.

Today I’ll be spending most of my day with the family which is the best way to spend Easter if you ask me! Hope you have the best Easter ever!

Please visit the Untamed Menagerie Etsy shop for more information.

Countdown to my first RAW show in Canberra

RAW Natural Born Artists Canberra | Belconnen Arts Centre 30 January 2015 at 7:30pmJanuary 30th, 2015
Belconnen Arts Centre 30 January 2015 from 7:30pm Tickets:

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