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I tried making a version of this wallpaper using lighter colours but I couldn’t make up my mind about which colour would go best. So I decided to go with the dark colour version of it (as usual…). For some reason I just love dark wallpapers.

Double Vision

Here is my pattern design for this week. I’ve been looking at different versions of this pattern for months now and I think this is how I like this pattern the best.

Today I wanted to show you how some of the patterns that I’ve previously shown you for ‘My pattern design of the week’ would look like as wallpapers. The patters have been slightly changed and I’ve also added a few other design elements to them where I thought the design needed a little extra work.

You can get striking results by using vinyl stickers.

Please visit the Urban Walls website for more information.

Today I’m loving strong bold patterns like this one used as wallpaper and, in particular, I love how dark it is. I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at it.

The Leanne Culy homeware collection is just divine. This is the kind of house I would like to come home to. The fabrics are truly beautiful.

I must say Brian Culy did a great job with the photography. It shows the work beautifully.

Please visit the Home Base Collections website to find out more.

I love abstract patterns – I find them so intriguing. I always try to work out how they were put together.  I like to follow each line and see how all the lines join effortlessly together forming a beautiful pattern.

I know I always seem to talk about the same thing every time it’s time to post my pattern design for the week, but time seems to fly past me. I know that soon enough it will be Christmas time! I wonder what can I do to slow down time, or to feel like time goes slower…

Here is my pattern design for this week. I decided to apply it to wallpaper as I think it suits the design perfectly.

Vinyl wall stickers are a great way to bring a bit of style to plain white walls.

Please visit the Urban Walls Etsy shop for more information.

Today I felt inspired by the work of Dan Funderbugh, in particular his wallpaper designs. I still haven’t been able to work out which one I love the most…

Central Park

Chinatown Toile


Death from Above

Dorian Orange

Elysian Fields

Farmers Market

Flower Pedal


Nouveau Riche

Power Plant

WaitingRoom Magazine

Which one is your favourite? Please visit the Dan Funderburgh website to find out more.

Can you believe how time passes you by? And it seems as you get older time goes even faster. If time seems to go faster when you are having fun, then I must be having the time of my life! Having said that, here is my pattern design for this week.

Today I would like to show you a pattern I did a few months ago. It’s been a while since I’ve attempted designing any new patterns since I’ve been very busy with everything else… I really need to prioritise my design work over all the things that seem to take up most of my time. Time management! It is so hard to get it right…

The days go by so quickly and there’s never enough time to do everything I want to do. Having said that, it is time again for my pattern design for the week.  

The weeks just seem to fly by and it is time again for my pattern design for this week. Can you believe it’s already June? Six months into the year… Hope you like it!

It is that time of the week again so here is my pattern design for this week.

Today I was inspired by the wallpapers designed by Surrealien. Their wallpapers are a little different to your traditional wallpaper as they appear to wrap around doors, light switches, picture frames or any other discontinuance on your walls.

As you can see it creates great visual effects – it is definitely a very unique concept. They can also create these types of wallpapers with your own designs (for you designers out there). If you would like to find out more about Surrealien please visit their website here.

Another week has gone by and it is time again for my pattern design of the week. Here it is!

Here is another one of my pattern designs that I did a while ago. I haven’t been designing many patterns lately since I always seem to find myself doing lots of other things other than designing (which I should definitely do more of..) weeks and days seem to fly by so quickly… Anyway, here is my pattern design for this week.

As I shared with you earlier, I love patterns and I love creating them. Today I would like to share with you a pattern design that I did a while ago. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post a new pattern created by me each week. So I guess I will be showing you lots of patterns in the weeks to come. I hope you like them – please let me know what you think!

Countdown to Surtex 2015

Surtex New York, 17 - 19 May, 2015. Represented by Cultivate Art Agency, Booth 222May 17th, 2015
Represented by Cultivate Art Agency, Booth 222.

Hi! Great to see you here! I'm a surface pattern designer and I'm in love with the wonderful world of design.

This blog covers all beautiful things that inspire me and some of my own design work. I hope you also feel inspired each time you visit.

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