Blooming flowers set

These designs are some of my latest addition to my Envelop shop. I actually gave this same set to one of my sisters for Christmas. I really hope she’s enjoying it 🙂


They are all printed on 100% cotton and shipping is only $1 worldwide!

To give you some idea of how big they are here are the sizes for each of these items:

A. Apron: Width 72cm/28.3″. Height 92cm/36″
B. Table runner: Width 45cm or17.7″. Height 135cm or 53.1″
C. Oven gloves: Width 18cm or 7.1″. Height 33cm or 13″
D. Napkins: Width 40cm or 15.7″. Height 40cm or 15.7″
E. Placemat: Width 50cm or 19.7″. Height 33cm or 13″
F. Pot holder: Width 20cm or 7.9″. Height 20cm or 7.9″

G. Pillow cover: Comes in different sizes 15.7″, 19.7″, 23.6″

H. Tote bag: Width 38cm or 15″. Height 38cm or 15″

If you like them you can get them from my Envelop shop.


Trivet farm

This is a beautiful way to decorate your table in subtle ways and at the same time protect your dinner table from hot pans and tea pots.

These beautiful trivets are made of natural felt.

Please visit the Studio Ditte website for more information. 


Now that it’s winter it is the perfect time to enjoy a cup of tea. For the last two days I’ve been showing you different tea cups (Something for tea drinkers today and Teabag Mug ) and today I would like to show you a tea set called Hearty designed by Wagokoro-Ya.

The last few days have been quite cold here in Brisbane and I’ve enjoyed having a hot cuppa especially at night (Thankfully Brisbane has a very short winter, yay!). Since the last few days have been cold, I’ve found myself wrapped around a nice warm blanket sitting in front of my computer to do my work.

The Hearty tea set is available for purchase through Generate.

Something for tea drinkers today

Following on from yesterday, I showed you the beautiful Teabag Mug by Bailey Doesn’t Bark, today I wanted to show another great tea cup. This tea cup is called Peel and it was designed by Nendo.

A section of the rim has been ‘peeled’ away for the tea bag string to hang out of the cup and for the spoon to remain inside the cap when you drink. It also comes with a handy lid that you can use as a small dish or to rest your tea bag. 

Please visit the Nendo website to find out more.

Teabag Mug

Sometimes the simplest designs appeal to me the most. Here is one example of such a design.

I love the simple hand drawn illustration. The Teabag Mug was designed by Bailey Doesn’t Bark.