Here’s something I should have shared weeks ago. Back in March I was featured on Style Curator.  Style Curator is an Australian blog founded by the talented Gina Ciancio. The blog is for people who appreciate design and want regular inspiration and ideas to create a more stylish home.

Weeks before the interview Gina and I got together at a local coffee shop here in Canberra and had a great chat about work and other things. After our chat she put together this beautiful piece about my work (and actually made me sound normal and coherent!)

Here’s a quick sneak of the article and if you would like to read it please go to the Style Curator Blog.


Thank you Gina!

This was my little giveaway I had in the goodie bag for the Etsy craft party held at the Makers Hub here in Canberra.




I had a flyer talking about my work and 4 gift tags.

There were close to 80 goodie bags and I must say it was really time consuming getting all the tags into the plastic bags. It took me a very loooong time!

All Etsy craft party participants took home a goodie bag.

The Makers’ Hub hosted 5 craft party sessions based around the theme “Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape”.

Here are some of the photos from the night


A nice drink and some crafting – it’s the perfect combination.

The Makers Collective Etsy Party Claudia Owen

This is my beautiful masterpiece I created on the night!


This was just to show my leggings. I should have smiled :)

I must admit, I went to the Margaret Zhang workshop at the Canberra Centre just recently by pure luck. Let me explain. I only found out about the workshop just days before the event and by that time there were no tickets left for sale. So I decided to email the organisers just in case if they had any cancellations so they could put me on a waiting list for the event. Never in a million years I thought there were going to be any cancellations since who on earth would ever want to miss seeing Margaret Zhang?! Even if you were sick and in crutches you would still not miss this event. EVER. As luck would have it, I received an email the following day saying that they would love to have me at the workshop and that they would offer me a complimentary ticket! I thought, this must be my lucky day! But wait, there’s more! My good luck doesn’t stop there. On the day of the workshop they also had a fantastic raffle where they selected 3 winners. As you might have guessed it, I actually won the first prize! I got a $100 voucher for Laser Clinics Australia which I have already used :)

So enough about me and let me tell you a little bit about the workshop. Margaret is a very impressive lady and she has worked with some incredible clients including Louis Vuitton, Clinique and Swarovski. She’s an amazing photographer, stylist, creative director and writer.

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 1

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 5

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 3

Our beautiful venue for the workshop located right at the Canberra Centre

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre Claudia Owen 1

Arriving at the workshop (Wearing my own leggings of course). I felt like a celebrity. But where’s my limo?

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre Claudia Owen 2

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 4

Margaret shared some her favourite apps for editing photos which included: Snapseed, VSSCO Cam and Luminance. I have never heard of these apps until now so I look forward to test them out.

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 2

When putting together your shot make sure you think about your composition, lighting, colour balance, vector/lines and signature (your signature style).

When it comes to lighting, try to photograph in natural light. The best time of day is after sunrise and before sunset. Shooting in the middle of the day in the sun would probably create hard shadows on your subject.

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 6

Margaret showing us how to set up a flat lay. She set this up with things she had in her handbag which included her antibiotics, Strepsils and some half eaten macaroons. As you can see, she can turn just about anything into a beautiful flatlay. A great tip to help you layout a beautiful flat lay is to use books to help you frame the shot.

Margaret Zhang Workshop at the Canberra Centre 7

Margaret is currently using a Nikon D600.

I’d like to thank the Canberra Centre for organising a fantastic workshop and I look forward to participating in future events.

If you want to find out more about Margaret Zhang please take a look at her gorgeous blog Shine by Three.

Image credit: Canberra Centre

Hello you gorgeous thing!


This was probably one of the last flowers in the garden. I’m really looking forward to spring!

Here’s another bit of news that I should have shared weeks ago. Back in March I did the Canberra CommUnity Twilight Markets located in Fyshwick.

This is what my stall looked like:


Claudia-Owen-at-Canberra-CommUnity-Twilight-Markets-Canberra 0




Claudia-Owen-at-Canberra-CommUnity-Twilight-Markets-Canberra-9 Claudia-Owen-at-Canberra-CommUnity-Twilight-Markets-Canberra-1

Here I am, happy and excited to be at the markets! And as you would expect, I’m wearing my own leggings :)


Ivette was my assistant for the day (She’s also wearing one of my scarves :) ). Thank you for all your help!


This is Janet from In My Element Glass Design my wonderful neighbour for the day.Claudia-Owen-at-Canberra-CommUnity-Twilight-Markets-Canberra-5

I was also displaying some the cards from Venerate, which is my other Etsy shop where I sell handmade cards.

I can’t wait for the day when I can have my own shop and have a permanent place where I can display my work.

It was a really fun day and I look forward to doing a market again (once it gets a little warmer).

This is my gorgeous little bubba. I can’t believe it’s been 20 months already! I love you Valentina.


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” Anonymous

I should have shared this news weeks ago but you can now find a number of my designs at Handmade Canberra!

This is what my first delivery of goods to the shop looked like:

Claudia-Owen-Shop-Handmade-Canberra 1 Claudia-Owen-Shop-Handmade-Canberra-2 Claudia-Owen-Shop-Handmade-Canberra-3 Claudia-Owen-Shop-Handmade-Canberra-4 Claudia-Owen-Shop-Handmade-Canberra-5

I delivered all kinds of goodies including: leggings, scarves, throw pillows, clipboards, ring binders, pencil cases, and journals.

The shop is located in City Walk, 20 Allara Street, Canberra. So if you are in Canberra or you are visiting Canberra make sure you go and take a look. The shop has an amazing collection of work bursting with the finest Australian design.

The new season bring the most amazing colors… but also cold days! Brrrr


I took this photo at the beginning of autumn and now this tree is completely bare. I’m looking forward to spring already!

Once in a while I’m contacted by students who have school assignments and want to ask me questions about me and my work. I must admit, it’s an honour to be asked to do these types of things. It’s great to know that these students have found me and that they would like to use my work for their assignments. It’s so sweet J Today, I wanted to share a section of a short interview I did for a student in the UK a few months ago.

1. What are your inspirations
My inspiration comes from many places but I’m particularly drawn to geometric and strong bold patterns. There are a many things that spark my creativity, such as architecture, photography, nature or simply taking a trip to a new place.

Alchemy Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 2

2. What are your working philosophies
I believe in finding meaning in the work that you do and that hard work, determination and focus will get you closer to your dreams.

3. What are the main materials that you use?
For my hand drawn work I like to use pen and paper. I use different types of pens, graphite pencils of different weights and I even use ball pen as it can provide a different textures and effects. For my digital work I use Illustrator and Photoshop.

4. Which techniques/processes do you use?
When I work using illustrator I like to hand draw my illustrations and then I scan them in and adjust and color them digitally. Once all my motifs are created I put them in repeat or create design mock-ups depending on what is needed.


5. Which movement do you see yourself in and why?
A lot of the artwork that I’ve created to date tends to be mostly abstract and I also have created a lot of work that is geometric. I’m not sure if these belong to a ‘movement’ as such but they seem to be the kind of style that comes naturally to me.

6. Do you belong to any groups?
I’m part of a number of groups including Cultivate Art Collective which is a group that supports artists and helps exhibit at international trade shows such as Surtex and Printsource.

I’m also a member of Circle of Designers where we aim to bring eco-friendly textile products into the marketplace.

I’m also part of a number of online Facebook groups with people who share similar interest and where the main objective of the group is to provide moral support and share knowledge.

7. Have you received any awards etc.?
I haven’t received any awards to date.

Gemstone Silk Scarf by Claudia Owen 2

8. If you have any of the following could you send me links to a blog, website, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest.
This is where you can find me:
Claudia Owen Blog, WebsiteTwitterFlickr and Pinterest.

I also have a Facebook page and I’m also on Instagram.
Facebook and Instagram.

9. Have you written any books?
I haven’t written any books yet but this is definitely on my to do list!

Are you coming to the Etsy craft party? I hope you are!

Etsy Craft Party Canberra

The Makers’ Hub is hosting 5 craft party sessions and you can bring along anything paper related to fit the “Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape” theme. There’s space for 15 people in each session and they go on for 2 hours.

Etsy Craft Party Canberra Kaleidoscope

All Etsy craft party participants will take home a goodie bag from The Makers’ Collective and Etsy. I will actually be adding a little something in the goodie bag :)

There’s only a few free spots left so make sure you book now!

Craft party sessions times:
– Friday 5th June: 2pm and 5pm
– Saturday 6th June: 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

The Makers’ Hub is located in Wiseman Street, Macquarie ACT 2614. Hope to see you there!

This is something I should have shared weeks ago but I haven’t had a chance to share the good news until now.

I now have some of my card designs at! and I’m super excited about this!

These are all the designs I have right now:Valentines Day Card for Fine Stationery by Claudia Owen 1 Valentines Day Card for Fine Stationery by Claudia Owen 2 Valentines Day Card for Fine Stationery by Claudia Owen 3 Valentines Day Card for Fine Stationery by Claudia Owen 5

At Fine Stationery you will find an amazing range of stationery and cards for just about any occasion that you can think of. Currently, I have Valentine’s Day Cards only but I’m hoping to add new designs soon!

Claudia-Owen-Cards-at-Fine-Stationery Independent Designers - Claudia Owen at Fine Stationery

I must admit, I’m honoured for my name to be next to such amazing talented people including: Alisse Courter, Angie Sandy, Khristian Howell, Lilian Cohen, Nicole Tamarin and Renee Pulve. They are incredibly talented ladies and I’m happy for my name to be next to theirs!

Every year I look forward to all the reviews from designers that exhibited at Surtex and the National Stationery Show in New York. It’s a great way to get a feel for these two tradeshows and to learn from experienced exhibitors.


Below are some of the reviews that I have found so far and as they continue to come up in the next few weeks I’ll add them to this post.

Anne Was Here 2015 Surtex & National Stationery Show Recap

Annie Troe Photo Review: A look at Surtex Booths &

Nicole Tamarin Surtex 2015 – Under New Management

All Art Licensing Blog by J’net Smith National Stationery Show & Surtex Observations

The Moon from my Attic by Alex Colombo Surtex, NSS and ICFF 2015 Shows – A Year of Flexibility and Transition


Now that Surtex is out of the way I’ve had some time to update my About page and My Work page. I’ve added more information about all the work that I’ve been doing so that it reflects all the things I’ve done over the years and to show the kind of experience that I have.

I also added photo galleries of my work, like the one below, to include some of my recent collections.

I think I could still organise sections better but I guess this is a good start!

Please take a look and let me know what you think :)

Moon…what a beautiful thing you are!

Moon by Matt Pasant 

Image credit: Matt Pasant.

Surtex 2015 has ended! There’s so much work that goes into preparing for a show like Surtex and it’s all done in just a few days! It’s almost like a wedding, you prepare for the big day for a whole year and then in a matter of hours your wedding day is all over :(

This was my first year exhibiting at Surtex with Cultivate Art Agency and I hope I can do it all over again next year! I already have lots and lots of ideas about the type of work that I want to produce. Now all I have to do is schedule enough time during the year to create lots of beautiful new art!

Here are a few product mock ups I did for Surtex:

Wallpaper Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen Quilt Cover Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen Placemat Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen Journal Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen Hand Bag Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen Case Mock Up For Surtex 2015 by Claudia Owen

Let’s hope next year I get to go to the show in person!


I love dinnerware and I dream of having my own collection of dinnerware one day. For Surtex I prepared a few dinnerware mock ups in the hope that I can get a manufacturer interested in one of these designs. Fingers crossed!

Dinnerware design by Claudia Owen 1 Dinnerware design by Claudia Owen 2 Dinnerware design by Claudia Owen 3 Dinnerware design by Claudia Owen 4

I dream of living in a place like this…

Glass House Mountains

This is the beautiful Glass House Mountains in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Image credit: Jason Starr

Here are some images from Cultivate Art Collective and Cultivate Art Agency booth 222 at Surtex.

Cultivate-Art-Collective-at-Surtex Cultivate-Art-Agency-at-Surtex-2 Cultivate-Art-Agency-at-Surtex-1

The booth looks great and I’m so excited to see everyone’s work on display. We’ve all been working hard for months to get to this point and it’s great to see everything on display.

Now for the next few days I’ll be very busy stalking everyone at the show on social media trying to soak up all the action from the show!

If you are going to Surtex make sure to visit booth 222. My work will be represented by Cultivate Art Agency.

…all I can think of is this

Beach Cuba Gallery

Image credit: Cuba Gallery.

There’s only one hour to go until Surtex starts! Cultivate Art Collective and Cultivate Art Agency will be in booth 222 so make sure you stop by and say hello!

Here’s another sneak peak of what you’ll see at the show:

Claudia Owen Surtex Porfolio19

Artists featured at Surtex are:

Susanne Kasielke, Angela KilpatrickAshley LoteckiGabriella Buckingham, Cyndi PfeifferBetsey Hodson, Claudia Owen, Natalie Williamson, Irene Chan, Susan K. Weckesser, Sophie Brabbins, May Leong, Sherry LondonRhiannon Connelly, Adrienne Vita, Este Macleod and Amy Reber.

Countdown to Surtex 2015

Surtex New York, 17 - 19 May, 2015. Represented by Cultivate Art Agency, Booth 222May 17th, 2015
Represented by Cultivate Art Agency, Booth 222.

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